Gets a specific IVR information.

parent_ivrIf empty, the IVR is a main or parent IVR.
audio_filesShows the SoundFile id for each audio setting.
maximum_ringing_timeMaximum Wait Time (in seconds)
Time during which the call will ring before going to voicemail, call queue, or being forwarded.
accept_voicemailsTurn this option on if you want to be able to receive voicemails.
no_answer_external_phone_numberIf no answer, forward the call to an external phone number
Turn this option on if you want to forward the calls to a specific phone number, when nobody's available to answer.
outside_office_hours_external_phone_numberIf a call comes outside office hours, forward it to an external phone number
Turn this option on if you want to forward inbound calls outside office hours to a specific phone number.
call_queue_enabledEnable Call Queue
Turns on the call queueing feature, required when your customers need to wait in line until an agent becomes available.
call_queue_maximun_wait_timeMaximum Wait Time (in seconds)
In the call queue, amount of time the caller can remain waiting before being asked to leave a voicemail, or the call to be forwarded
call_queue_on_no_answerIf there are available agents and still there's no answer, send call to queue
If there's no answer send the caller to the call queue, instead of sending it to voicemail or forwarding it directly.
extension_dialing_enabledEnable extension dialing
Turn this option on if you want your agents to be reachable via a direct personal extension number. Go to Agent Screen to setup individual extension numbers.
optionsThere's one option for each digit you can configure and one for the default option (When no digit is pressed).

Options description

send_to_agentAgent email address
send_to_agent_groupAgent group ID
send_to_voicemailNo value necessary
play_audio_repeat_greetingSoundFile ID
send_to_numberPhone Number to witch send the call.
receive_fax_and_notifyComma separated email addresses
repeat_greetingNo value necessary
hangupNo value necessary
return_to_previous_menuNo value necessary
send_to_ivrChild IVR ID
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