Detailed information Toky stores for every inbound and outbound call

Every inbound or outbound call generates a CDR record inside Toky. Every CDR row has detailed information about the call, including calls received in phone numbers or through live calls. You can use this data for call center reporting and analysis.

CDR data model

idID of the CDR.
callidUnique identifier of the CDR.
fromInbound number, agent id or web caller id.
to_numberOutbound number called, for outbound calls.
countryFor inbound call:
1. Country from an inbound number
2. Country detected for the caller for live calls.

For outbound call:
Country location of the agent making the outbound call.
caller_id_used For outbound call, this is the PSTN number caller ID used to make the call.
For web to web call, this value is null.
received_on_numberPhone number for inbound calls
init_dtDate and time for the creation of the call record GMT 0.
start_timeStart time of the call GMT 0.
end_timeEnd time of the call GMT 0.
durationDuration of the call in seconds.
agent_idFor inbound: the agent that received the call.
For outbound: the agent that makes the call.
to_agentAgent who receives the call.
directionIf the call is inbound or outbound.
web_callIf the call is web only. E.g.: A call from agent A to agent B. No pstn call involved.
disposition_code 183 = Cancelled during ring.
200 = Completed.
402 = Payment Required.
403 = Unauthorized.
404 = Not Found.
408 = Request Timeout.
486 = Busy.
487 = Cancelled.
480 = Temporarily Unavailable.
500 - 599 = Server Error.
* 600 - 699 = General Error.
ivr_option_pressedFor inbound calls, if the caller pressed an option on the IVR menu, this field will have the digit of the option pressed.


Date and time related fields

Fields related with date and time like init_dt, start_time and end_time have GMT timezone. You must convert this information to your desired timezone. For converting any date and time value to a desired timezone you can read this article