Call center agents created in Toky

Agents are responsible for executing actions inside Toky; they can answer or make phone calls, send SMS, execute reports or in general, use any of our phone system features. Agents can only be created from the Toky's agent dashboard but you can use the API to retrieve your list of agents.


Toky call center agents

Agents data model

emailAgent's email inside Toky
fullnameAgent's full name
created_atDate and time when the agent was created
last_updateDate and time of last change
last_connectionTime when the agent connected last time. It can be null
is_admintrue: is Admin
false: Is not Admin
phone_numberPhone number agent configured for call forwarding. E.164 international format. It can be null
phone_countryDetected country for the agent's phone number
timezoneTimezone configured by the agent. IANA format.
extra_dataThis field can contain any extra character data with a max length of 150 characters.